Who Buys Semi Trucks?

When the time comes to sell your semi truck, one question that is sure to come to mind is, who buys semi trucks?  There are many avenues you could pursue.  First you can submit your truck to our website.  We may or may not buy it, but we will post it in our classified section and there will be many dealers and individuals who will look at it on our website.  This service we offer is completely free, there are no charges whatsoever, hidden or in plain view.

Another option is to call around to your local semi truck dealerships.  They are more than likely going to want to buy it at a wholesale price, but there are some dealers who will give you more than others.

The hardest way to sell your semi truck is pricing it at retail and hoping that your truck is noticed by a end user willing to give you top dollar for your truck.  If this is the route you choose you can still submit it in our free classified section, craigslist, ebay, or other online marketplaces.

There are also some third party marketing companies out there that will sell your truck for you.  There is usually a fee associated with these companies, and I can’t really tell how much value they offer with their services.

If you do have a semi truck for sale please submit your truck to our online classified section by clicking here.

Semi Truck Classified Section

As we have mentioned before we are proud to now offer a classified section to our website.  All you have to do is go to the semi truck classifieds section of our site.  Once there you will see Sell your truck for free.  Click there and simply fill out the form listing is much information […]

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Pricing Your Used Semi Truck

Pricing your used semi truck can be a daunting task.  There are so many variables that go into determining what the price should be.  It isn’t like selling a car or a pickup truck, because trucks have so many options that can either add value or take value away from the truck. When pricing your […]

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Featured Truck – 2007 Peterbilt 379EXHD Legacy

2007 Peterbilt 379 Legacy Editioni

2007 was the last year Peterbilt manufactured the 379.  In honor of this iconic model they numbered the last 1000 trucks made and called them the legacy edition.  These trucks are hard to come buy, and they are very nice.  Take a look at this legacy we currently have in our inventory. MILEAGE 364,000 GVW […]

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Glider Kits

St. Jude Peterbilt 389 Glider Kit

With all the problems that the new engines are having the sale of glider kits has taken off.  With a glider kit you can get all the luxuries of a new truck, but you can have a pre emission engine that doesnt have all the regen issues that the newer engines have.  It has been […]

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What Color Truck Sells Best

Semi Truck Colors

It really is a simple question, but I am curious to know what drivers and businesses think.  What color semi truck sells the best.  From our end we would always prefer a white truck.  We get more excited when a truck is white, but I also enjoy buying trucks that have unique paint schemes, and […]

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New Classifieds Section

Selling your used semi truck has just gotten easier.  We are now offering you the opportunity to post your semi truck for free in our online classifieds section.  Simply go over to the classified section of our website by clicking here and enter your personal information and your truck information, and your truck will be […]

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DEF – Diesel Exhaust Fluid

In 2008 The government put regulations on engine manufacturers making them put DPF’s on their engines.  Most of what we have seen from engines with DPF filters is problems.  Some engines are better than others, but our overall opinion is that engines with DPF’s are problematic and can cause many headaches.  In 2011 a new […]

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What we love to buy

While we buy and sell all types of trucks we do prefer a specific type of truck.  The first thing we look at when looking at a used truck is the mileage.  We buy all mileages, but we pay top dollar for low mileage trucks.  Low mileage in our opinion is anything below 500,000 miles […]

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Marketing Your Used Semi Truck

Side Shot - Market your used semi truck

When trying to sell your used semi truck how you market it is vital in getting the best price.  It is important that you know the correct specs on your truck.  Most of the specs of your truck are right there on your truck, but if you cannot find them on the truck you can […]

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